As our techno-societies grow ever more complex,people are beginning to look at technology more critically,stripping away the myths.
In the new age,humans and machines will communicate directly.
And as technology takes on a more human face,it will spread further through our societies.
At Codix, our goal is to take advanced technologies from the hands of a select few, and pass them on to all members of society.
Our Bold spirit inspires us to challenge the limits of technology.

If you have special know-how to computer system you can more effectively apply it. We offer you reliable and wide consulting from the select of application in case of the system construction till educative service for operators and managers.

Company name K.K.CODIX
Address 3-12-30, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0071 Japan
Established September 1970
Capital 100 M Yen
Product Migration of System
WEB Promotion
Global region Support